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Boston, MA 02203
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The Veterans Health Administration (VHA), located within the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA), is responsible for providing a wide range of medical services to 5.5 million veterans across the US. Operating one of the largest networks of health care facilities in the nation, VHA has undergone considerable restructuring of its medical delivery system after years of complaints of inadequately treating veterans’ health care concerns. Although the VHA has been credited with significant improvements in helping veterans receive quality care, controversies have continued to occur, including poor treatment leading to deaths.

Medical - Medical Benefits

Cape Cod Veterans, Inc

The Veteran’s Creed

  1. I am an American Veteran
  2. I proudly served my country
  3. I live the values I learned in the military
  4. I continue to serve my community, my country and my fellow veterans
  5. I maintain my physical and mental discipline
  6. I continue to lead and improve
  7. I make a difference
  8. I honor and remember my fallen comrades

The creed is supported by AMVETS, Disabled American Veterans, HillVets, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Reserve Officers Association, Student Veterans of America, Team Rubicon Global, Veterans of Foreign Wars .