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The long winter is over. Although our organization didn’t have many fundraisers over the past 3 months, we did care for many Veterans. A least five Veterans have ongoing need for more funds. These Veterans have received multiple check for food, electric, medical bills and other payments. The Veterans we helped in Harwich with Thanksgiving dinners, TD Bank Gift Cards and checks are doing well and we have received wonderful letters of thanks. The Veterans home in Hyannis we repaired with the Barnstable Sheriff’s Dept. will receive a $1,000 as soon as we can get the staff together that made it possible.

CCVI took over the Chili Challenge on Feb. 15th this year. Dave Collette did a super job organizing the event and signing up the 13 entries. It was SRO as we packed the Irish Village on a cold wintery day. The “Houlie’s Crew” again showed why they are the best and took down Best Chili and Most Popular. They have rocked our Wings Fest the past several years. Thanks to our supporters, we brought in over $4,300. Dave also received personal donations of over $1,000 for CCVI.

Jan. Feb. and March CCVI members took Veterans to area VA hospitals, for treatment where the DAV Vans don’t service or were full. These members are not reimbursed for their travel or gas and take no payment.

March 6th Ricard Sayers and Richard Riehle presented Sheriff Cummings with the Gen. Meagher Award at the St Patrick Parade Gala.

March 21st CCVI teamed up with The Jimmy Fund at Giordano’s in Yarmouth for our Annual Fundraiser. Terry Brennan, Joe MacDonald and Greg Buckley performed and raised $1,400 for both organizations. March 30th staff was at the VA center in Hyannis for “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”.

Sand Dollar is now open! Staff meeting there every Fri. at 5 PM. May meeting will go back to O’Shea’s Olde Inn back room 6PM Tuesday’s, all invited.

April 19th CCVI will honor one of our own, Kenny McGilvray at O’Shea’s Olde Inn at 6 PM for his service during the Korean War, his 30 years as a Waltham Police Officer (Detective LT.) and his work helping Veterans. Kenny’s Halloween Golf Shootout has raised over $6,000 for CCVI and $6,000 for other Charities (Oct. 24th this year so get in early as we were sold out last year). Dave Hickey will MC the event which will be star studded with music and friends. All welcome!

April 25th is Fundraiser for “Broker Spokes” for MS. Our good friends Sean & Caroline Brennan do the Bike Run on the Vineyard to raise money to find a cure for this disease. Sean will be playing this night with Dave Hickey, 5PM at the Sand Dollar, all donations go to “Broken Spokes”. Staff is planning to be at the event on the Vineyard May 2-3rd.

CCVI Member Horace Thayer-On Sunday, May 3, 2015, I will complete my 20 mile walk for the Project Bread "Walk for Hunger". This will be my 32nd year completing the walk and I am sending out this email to ask for your support. My goal this year is to raise $3,200.00, or $100 for each year that I have completed the 20 mile walk. To support my efforts please go to my website

Please support Horace in his wonderful quest to make lives better in this world.

May, 28, 29, and 30th CCVI is slated to travel to Walter Reed Military Center in Bethesda to bring down checks to Walter Reed Society, visit Wounded Troops and put a Cookout for families of the wounded and those facing rehab at the new USO. This will cost between $1,000 and $1,500. Staff will serve the families, thank them for their service and sacrifice as well as hand out CCVI Challenge Coins. As usual all cost associated with this event are paid by our members, no reimbursement is given to members.

CCVI received award from 188th Engineers US Army Reserve for their donation of $500 to assist members called out for snow removal.

CCVI is now on accepting donations from GOFUNDMY now at. 

CCBVI was asked to attended 9 wakes and funerals for Veterans in the past 3 months all were given CCVI Memorial Certificates and Challenge Coins. Thanks to Bugler Carl Copp for making the send-off special.

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