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Cape Cod Veterans Inc. is hosting a fundraiser for The Walter Reed Society from Bethesda MD. On Veterans Day Weekend, Sunday November 8th. The event will be held at The Cape Cod Irish Village from 2-6 PM. The event will honor the Society and its work with our wounded troops at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, including those from Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Also special guest of Honor will be Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Rocco Armonda. Dr. Rocco Armonda served as the Director of Cerebrovascular Surgery and Interventional Neuroradiology for the National Capital Neurosurgery Consortium at the National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. As Commander of the 207th Neurosurgery Team, Dr. Armonda deployed to Iraq from March 2003 - February 2004, conducting both military and humanitarian neurosurgical care, saving thousands of lives. Dr. Armonda is responsible for saving the lives of numerous Massachusetts soldiers including Cpl. Vincent Mannion-Brodeur of Hyannis.  The Walter Reed Society located within the National Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center at Bethesda care for the wounded troops in need of financial assistance. The Society helps them with unexpected financial needs and provides them with specially identified equipment and services related to their care when other resources are not available. Grants are approved on a case by case review. Since its inception, hundreds of service members and/or their families have received assistance from the WRS Warrior/Family Support Fund. The Walter Reed Society employs one part-time secretary. WRS members, most retired Military, donate their time with no compensation. Congressional, State of Massachusetts, Barnstable County leaders, along with National and local Veterans groups, will be honoring The Walter Reed Society and Colonel (Ret.) Dr. Rocco Armonda. All funds raised that day will be given to the Walter Reed Society to continue their great work. If you wish to donate to The Walter Reed Society visit, all donations are tax-deducible. If you would like to mail CCVI a check, for this event please make it out to The Walter Reed Society. Cape Cod Veterans Inc. hopes you can attend. Music provided by Sarah Swain and the Oh Boys. Thank you, for all your support, to our Wounded and Needy Veterans

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