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Please be at the Claddagh Inn at 6PM Tues. Sept. 6th for this month’s meeting. Everyone is reminded to bring any Gift cards collected and there will be packets for requesting donations. Elections will be held in Nov. as per By-Laws. Nominations were requested the past 2 meetings Richie Sayers will be stepping down as President and VP Paul Glynn is seeking the position, as is Harry Authelet for VP. So far no other members have requested to leave/change their positions. President and VP are 2 year terms, with the remainder 3 year terms. Each is allowed 1 re-election. Richie Sayers chose as I did, to serve one term and allow another members to move up.



Next Sat. the 10th of Sept. is Sand Dollars for soldiers at 1 PM, certain Staff members will be there earlier. Please be there to assist. Assignments will be given out, for some people on Tues. The money table will be at the door, and the 20 x 40 tent outside will have the Silent Auction and Raffle Items. The Live Auction will be inside, with the Buffet. Erin's Guild and others will perform. Shirts, hats, coins will be for sale. We are planning to have special shirts, for the staff of the Sand Dollar and CCVI workers.



Wings Fest is Oct. 9th SUNDAY at 12PM to 4PM. Please ask anyone who is interested to join. First come, first to enter. There are 8 already! DJ Wings, Billygoats, CCVI, VFW 10274, O'Shea's, Irish Village, Sand Dollar and Jimmy the Houlies has 3 he says might want in. Janice has a new Wings Winner recipe? 


Oct. 29th is the Kenny McGilvray Memorial Golf Outing at Blue Rock. As of Monday the 5th of Sept we have 16 Foursomes signed up. Please bring in the Hole Sponsors. This year CCVI change the donations we gave out. CCVI and the Golf Committee established the Kenny McGilvray Memorial Scholarship Fund. Kenny was a Charter Member of CCVI and a great friend to Veterans. The McGilvray family, has volunteered for the Golf Committee and to assist us in the Awards Committee, with CCVI members and musicians. The McGilvray’s have done a fantastic job in getting the players together. It will be great to have the Awards Committee chose the applicants, based on the guidelines, the Committee will draw up. A list of Committee members, will be added to our web site and the Golf’s Web Site.  Entertainment Directors Joe McDonald and Greg Buckley, with “Uncle Fred” Monti and Sean Brennan are working on the Double Music CD honoring Kenny that will be recorded live at the Cape Cod Cultural Center. Fred Monti will edit the CD in his studio. A date for the Release party is not set yet.


Oct.30th is a Fundraiser for Rescued Animals and Service Dogs at O’Shea’s Olde Inn, 2-5PM. Live music and food. All funds raised that day go to this Charity, CCVI keeps nothing. CCVI will supply the raffle items.


Over the summer CCVI has continued to help Veterans and their families. Several great fishing trips one in Falmouth, and one in Dennis for Wounded Warfighters from Spaulding Rehab. Executive Director Terry Clen did a great job lining up the Boats and crews, Restaurant and entertainment. This is our seventh year working with Spaulding. Much thanks to Falmouth Inner Harbor Assn. And Captain (USAF, Colonel) Chip Carroll of the Albatross in Sesuit Harbor.  


Installed A/C units in several elderly Veterans homes. Thanks to Dave Pelitier for cutting the grass all summer for a 93 year old Vet in Hyannis. We need to put up railings on his back steps soon.

Scotty Martin our “Master Mechanic” will repair a car we donated to a Needy Disabled Veteran, the car now needs a heating core and new exhaust.

In Aug. we received a call from the Cape & Islands Outreach about a Veteran whose car was in the shop for repairs and he had no money. After Ed Merigan, State Service Officer verified him, staff visited the shop in Hyannis and paid the bill, $1,000 from CCVI $596 from VFW Post 10274 Dennis. This Vet lost his home, has two children and is caring for his sick Mother-in-Law, while living in a hotel. His boss threatened to fire him, if he wasn’t back to work. From the time we received the request for help, met the Veteran, got a quorum and vote on the donation and paid the bill, it was less than 36 hours. All members should be proud of the work we do!

Freedom Rows in Falmouth had some bad luck a wind storm had damaged several Sculls. The Veterans use these for therapy. Terry Clen donated $1,000 from the Wounded Warfighters Group account and CCVI pledged another $1,000 if needed


There were many others assisted and helped with donations. President Sayers wishes to thank all who made this possible, including our generous supporters.


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