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Support for new Dennis Fire Station 2
October 9, 2021
As the recently retired Fire Chief of the Town of Dennis, there is another retirement that I want to discuss, a retirement that is long overdue—that of Dennis Fire Station 2 on Old Bass River Road in Dennis Village. After 65 years as a fire station, its time has passed. It is woefully outdated and—most seriously--unhealthy for fire personnel.
The decision to build a new station and its design have not been taken lightly. The planning for this project has been extensive from the start, involving Dennis firefighters, town staff, committees and boards, a town-funded Fire Station 2 feasibility study and the appointment of a citizen Fire Station 2 committee. 
The participation of all the parties involved ensures that this Fire Station 2 project has been--and will continue to be--one of the most vetted projects in our community to date. Public scrutiny is critical to not only the costs within a reasonable budget but is key to the emergency response functionality, safety, and health of our firefighters.
The new Fire Station 2 project is at a critical point. It has involved many years to get to this stage. Fire Chief Bob Brown has worked diligently with our firefighters and all the stakeholders to ensure the new station meets the specified needs while at the same time managing the costs and their implications. 
I would like to take a moment to touch on several factors of the new Station 2 location, design, and cost.
The location was based on a sound response-time plan providing an expanded coverage area that generates the most emergency call activity. The new location is on Paddocks Path, slightly more than half a mile south of the old station. Beyond better protection for Dennis Village and East Dennis, the new facility with its expanded capabilities for fire vehicles and manpower will also benefit South Dennis, West Dennis and Dennis Port when back-to-back calls arise. 
The new station has been designed to meet the current and projected needs for Fire and Emergency Medical Services for decades to come.
Throughout the Station 2 planning process prior to and into the COVID era, we have maintained very accurate budgetary estimates based on the square footage costs of similar scale fire stations in other communities being built at the time. Unfortunately, the longer we delay this process and decision, the costs continue to increase. 
Currently, the cost estimates are in the area of $14.9 million for October’s Town meeting. The final bid number will be discussed with the Select Board and Finance Committee the day before Town Meeting. They will then vote to recommend or not to Town Meeting based on that figure and of their level of satisfaction with the proposal.
The Dennis Select Board and the Dennis Finance Committee have been very supportive of this new Fire Station 2 project and its overall benefits. As I get around in our community, I hear the desire and tremendous support from residents and business owners to get this project completed as soon as possible.
As for advancing the cause of public safety in Dennis, I have always believed in the philosophy that if you do your homework and have been upfront with the voters as you state your case, this community will support you. You have never proved me or our firefighters wrong. 
As one who understands the importance to our firefighters and the town’s fire protection but also as a Dennis resident and taxpayer, I am asking my fellow citizens to vote “yes” for a new Station 2 at the October 26 Fall Town Meeting and at the special election ballot tentatively scheduled for December 7, 2021.
Mark Dellner, Dennis Fire Chief (Retired)


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