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Cape Cod Veterans Inc. staff delivered a almost new electric scooter to a disabled Veteran in Hyannis. V.P. Scott Martin purchased the scooter in Naples FL at a huge discount for CCVI. This scooter has all the bells and whistles one can have. We tested it and it "moves". It was delivered at the VA Clinic to Nina in Hyannis Monday morning. Thanks to V.P. Martin for trailing it up from Florida. Shout out to member Joe K for taking down the Oak tree and cutting it up in East Harwich this weekend. The needy widow of a Veteran was so grateful. We will hire a landscaping company to get the yard cleaned properly. Last weeks fundraised we had for The Walk For Hunger at the Sand Dollar raised almost $1.500, not to mention the $1,000 CCVI donated to help the needy on Cape Cod. Our Finance Officer Horace Thayer will walk 20 miles for the 39th year next month. Donations can be made till June. April 17thwe had the MS Fundraiser at the Sand Dollar and raised over $1,600 for Sean & Caroline Brennan's MS ride in Martha's Vineyard, CCVI also donated $500. Staff will be meeting with Commodore Adam R. Howard in Provincetown, Ma. about Project Valor Sailing. We intend to bring a check to assist the new Veterans Service Organization with the vessel they purchased dedicated to Cape Cod Disabled Veterans. Project Valor Sail will take Veterans out and teach them about sailing as well as a chance of peaceful meeting with other Veterans. Staff met last week with the Cape and Islands Outreach's Jim Seymore to deliver a rent check for needy Veteran and meet the new director. The President Richard Sayers wants to thank the member who constantly work hard so our Veterans receive the funds they need. Over 30 Veterans have been helped so far this year. Our first fundraiser this year will be the the Sand Dollars For Soldiers in Sept. (remember the fundraisers we had for Jimmy Fund/WWG, MS, Walk For Hunger, all funds raised are turned over the the above charities). At our meeting on May 3rd we will remember member Patty O'Brien who passed April 30th.


Hi Rich,

It was great meeting you in person today as well as some the other members of Cape Cod Veterans Inc.  I just wanted to follow up and thank you again for all that your organization does to help Veterans on the Cape.  The scooter was picked up and driven home by my Veteran successfully.  He is beyond grateful and is happy with how speedy the scooter is.  I am sure we will be talking again soon.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

Best regards,

Nina Soares, LICSW, CCM

HUD VASH Social Worker


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