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September was a very busy month for CCVI. Our new webmaster has begun to rebuild our site (visit), we now have Pay Pal on our Donations Page. CCVI has partnered with Beacon Hospice and their Honor Veterans Program. There are several organizations involved that give the veterans on the Cape a “one stop-shop” for their needs. CCVI is the organization that assists in benefits and financial support. Our next meeting is Oct. 10th. Janice Riehle, Retired Hospice Nurse, has been appointed liaison to Beacon Hospice from CCVI.

A new $19,000 electric wheel chair was donated to CCVI from a Sandwich family. All donations of equipment will never be sold, but donated to needy Veterans & organizations, needing such equipment.

Sept. 8th was a great fundraiser conducted by member Terry O’Donnell at his business. The 1st Annual “Sand Dollar’s For Soldiers” raised over $12,000 for CCVI, great job Terry.

Sept. 14th was our Sunset Cruise aboard the Lobster Roll, 64 supporters listened to great music, enjoyed the sunset on Cape Cod Bay and watched a magnificent fireworks display. Thank you Joe Buscone and the North Side Marina for the generous use of the Lobster Roll. 

Sept. 15th we welcomed the Annual Wounded Warfighters from Walter Reed and Spaulding Hospital to Sesuit Harbor. CCVI’s singing group headed by Terry Clen raised over $6,000 which was donated to, as we do every years to pay for their transportation and meals for the most sever wounded veterans to come to the Cape to enjoy, relax and reflect. Super job Terry, Dave, Rick. Thanks CCVI members of the Albatros for the use of their fishing vessel for the Wounded Heroes, musicians, again Joe Buscone and the Lobster Roll, VFW Post 10274’s Honor Guard  and the Irish Piper who played.

Sept. 4th 18th & 25th CCVI members meeting of Kenny McGilvray Golf Shootout on Oct. 26th. Anyone interested  send us an email, $75, all proceeds to CCVI and Brewster Animal Rescue this year.

Received many donations from mail including Texas, Pay Pal and one from anonymous.

I was traveling Sept. 20th and met a young soldier in Westerly, Conn. The young man had prosthetic right leg, I gave him one of our Challenge Coins and thanked him for his service and sacrifice, he was thrilled, he asked if I was a Veteran, I resounded “a  Vietnam Veteran” he responded, “welcome home”. 

Stopped by Veterans Administration’s Center at West Main St. in Hyannis on Sept. 23rd to inquire about their Veterans Needs for Christmas. Last year we provide for a widow of veteran with baby and another family in need of gifts and funds. Every year we do this for our Cape Veterans families in need. We never know who we donate to, as the VA requests confidentiality, but they are vetted out through the process.

October 5th  Dog Fest Walk'nRoll!, for Service Dogs assisting our wounded Veterans. More to follow as we will support this.

Wings Fest is Oct. 12th at the Irish Village, Noon till 4PM, no more entries as we are filled up. Received donations from the Red Sox, Boston Bruins and many more.

Planning for 2 trip to Water Reed Military Medical Center this year, is in progress. Past June’s trip was great, handed out thousands of dollar’s in TD Bank Gift Cards, Challenge Coins and shirts. CCVI plans on purchasing $3,000 in TD Bank Gift Cards with our logo on for future use. Donations to Walter Reed Society, Quality of Life Foundation and American Veterans With Brain Injuries, goes to direct financial support of Veterans and their families. We recommend these organizations if looking for great organizations to donate to, especially Walter Reed Society which is within the Hospital Complex, they offer fund for mortgages, loans, heat, food, etc . In other words dollar’s in direct payments to vendors that the other so called “veterans” organizations do not offer.

Oct. 26th Golf Outing at Blue Rock Golf Course, 10AM tee, $75

Members will be at Bourne National Cemetery for Veterans Day and Wreaths Across America. Wreaths will be donated as usual for Final Resting Places.

Veterans Day Concert at the Irish Village set for Nov. 10th, Sarah Swain & the Oh Boys will rock the house, $10 donation. More to follow.

Christmas Party at Eagle Pond Nursing Home not set yet. We will assist Amvets Post 333 in the cost.

Our Christmas Party is at La Scala No date. Last year we had over 60, trying for 75 this year $25.
Mass. Asking CCVI to promote STIP Statewide Head Injury Program for TBI Veterans.

 Sad news VFW Post Hyannis & Provincetown  sold. Brewster VFW nearest now with a building and it’s a great post, visit it and let them know you support them.

CCVI Active Duty and Reserve Liaison Director LTC. Manfred (Ret) is requesting donations for three Cape units that just deployed or are in the process of deploying to Afghanistan. These units will “close out” Afghanistan for our involvement ( thank God) and have very little to no comforts. Packages will be sent out directly to the units, as LTC. Manfredi is in daily contact with their commanders, as well as caring for their families here on the Cape.

The president thanks all members who work so diligently to assist Veterans. So many organizations and those members work so long and so hard. This organization receives many emails and call for assistance, and we always respond.

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