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  • Jan. 23rd regular monthly meeting 6PM at La Scala Rest. 
  • Feb. 6th regular monthly meeting 6PM at La Scala Rest

Fundraiser for Wounded Warfighters and Jimmy Fund on Jan. 11th brought in $1,300 on donations alone. Great job Terry Clen, Joe MacDonald, Terry Brennan, Greg Buckley.

Meeting of the Merrill Park Restoration Committee Jan 20th at O’Shea’s Old Inn 3 PM. The bank account is now set up for donations. The account at Rockland Trust is CCVI Merrill Park Fund and all monies collected will go for that purpose. Members and Dennis Natural Resources Officer Brian Everett is Committee Chair and Paul Glynn is Vice Chair.

Jan 26th, Sons of Erin Fundraiser 3-6 PM. Joe MacDonald and Greg Buckley have a great lineup of music with Terry Brennan, Sean Brennan, Rob Warren , Doreen LaFranchise, and more.

Check sent out to needy Disabled Veteran for funds for firewood to heat home.

March date for music fundraiser at Buncey’s Pub for Wounded Warfighter Fundraiser will be set by Terry Clen soon.

April 4th Sand Dollar reopening for the Red Sox Home Opener, 2PM, CCVI staff and supporters will be there to thank Terry O’Donnell for his support.

Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands requests any needs we have for projects. As a partner of Elder Services of Cape Cod and the Islands we will provide them with their needs we can offer.

Contacted by Cape Cod National Seashore requesting Veterans who my need work. CCVI has several who applied.

Contacted by patriot wanting to donate to recently returned Veterans. I emailed the VA Center in Hyannis and Bonnie M. is now handling this matter.

Our service office is working on 4 cases for members.

Sent email to Mother of disabled girl, Katelin who went to Texas for special treatment for her rear disease. Inquired about how the treatment is going. The mother a Navy Veteran was at our Wings Fest and we presented her with a check to help with the cost of travel etc. Hearting to see some of our supporters step up and also donate at the event.

Packages sent by VFW District 17 to Cape troops in Afghanistan. CCVI and VFW Post raised $1,200 so District Commander LTC Manfredi and Vice Commander Butch Bandis (Both CCVI members) can continue their great work with the young troops and their families.

IRS and MA Corporation filing complete and accepted. Filing with MA Attorney General will be completed this month.

Filing with MA Lottery and paying the 5% fee for Raffle Permits will be done in the spring for the town of Dennis and in the fall for the town of Yarmouth.

Spring Wounded Warfighters Fishing Trip is being planned. Terry Clen and staff working with a number of boat captains. The restaurant luncheon is set as-well-as music entertainment. Individual surprise gift for each veteran is planned. Cost will be discussed at future meeting.

Discussion on the next trip to Walter Reed Military Medical Center. Any member wishing to attend will have to pay the full cost of the trip, flight, hotel, meals, rental car. CCVI does not pay/reimburse members as per By Laws for organizational activities nor do we pay salaries.

CCVI is again a sponsor of the Boston Wounded Veterans Run. Received nice “Hoodies”.

Received many thank you letters for our donations we made in the past few months, over $11,000, great work guys. Email from VA Center in Hyannis said the families were floored by your generosity. As an old  teller of proverbs once said “It don’t get no better that this”

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